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Adding Value. Always in All Ways

Any agent can set you up in MLS to receive email updates when new listings come on the market, schedule a few showings, and attend a home inspection. That's not us. If we aren't adding value, we aren't doing our jobs. We start by getting a clear understanding of what's most important to you and what your goals are. Then we add value by scouring public records and reaching out to our network to find off-market properties for sale; performing financial analysis for each property we find to determine the carry costs and/or profitability; reviewing the zoning code to determine if it allows you to expand the living space, add units or subdivide the lot; reviewing the title to determine how much the seller needs to break even and see if there are any title issues; reviewing comparable sales in the neighborhood; contacting multiple lenders to find you the best rate; creating plans and 3D renderings showing potential additions to the building or subdivision of the lot; and aggressively negotiating a deal with essential terms and contingencies to protect your deposit and ensure a smooth transaction. We have experience selling investment properties and an in-house counsel with 15 years of experience in commercial real estate and development. We utilize this expertise to give you a strategic advantage by quickly running the numbers, reviewing zoning requirements, determining the property's true value, and negotiating terms that will add value and protect your interests.

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